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A prologue replays the final scenes from Dracula , in which Van Helsing ( Peter Cushing ) destroys Dracula ( Christopher Lee ) by driving him into the sunlight. These scenes are accompanied by voice-over narration that describes how Van Helsing, a scholar of vampirism , was able to end Dracula's century-long reign of terror and destroy his cult; only the memory of Dracula's evil remains.

Babylon 5 (1993–1998), created by J. Michael Straczynski , is a science fiction television epic about Babylon 5 , an Earth-governed space station built to promote harmony between interstellar civilizations. It is unusual in its focus on a story arc which dominates the events through its five-year run.

Darkness Death SquadDarkness Death SquadDarkness Death SquadDarkness Death Squad