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• Ideal for use in the home or gym
• Perfect for core strengthening exercises
• Useful for stretching, balance, Yoga and Pilates
• Can also be used in place of a weight lifting bench
• Affordable and easy-to-use exercise equipment

As both Acoustiblok and Thermablok Aerogel are founded on NASA based technology, we felt it was about time we brought them under one house, linking the company’s drive toward sourcing specialist insulation solutions which work in a forward thinking and intelligent way.

Over the years she noticed that she wasn't admitted to hospital for asthma, nor did she have any fits. The massive spelling problem she had had all her life had disappeared and her marks went from passes and credits, and from to credits and distinctions in her university studies, bringing about an offer to go on to postgraduate studies.

If you're placing a large order or buying a complete kit then we may be able to offer an additional discount. Every product has an "Add to Quote" button, use these to put your shopping list together then click on "My Quote" next to the basket and when finished press "Send me my Quote" and we'll be in touch soon. Bear in mind though that all our prices are already discounted so there's no magic extra 20% available - but we'll do our best!

[2] T hat tours our facility and Hi-Tech Dispatch Centre - Crew Training and Maintenance Facility and takes you out with our crew, looking after your patients. "Click" the image right - then "Click" screen to start - Remember to have Sound "ON" and wide screen.

Provisional results are available verbally on site immediately after the tests are completed and formal paperwork follows by email usually within 1-2 weeks of the site visit. The results will be presented in a written report with the accompanying on line validation issued by the Association of Noise Consultants.

"Based on our experience, implementing PretonSaver is
a sound business decision. the savings in terms of consumables results in
a very reasonable payback period to cover the initial investment for the software."

Improved Sound Ltd Engelchen Macht WeiterImproved Sound Ltd Engelchen Macht WeiterImproved Sound Ltd Engelchen Macht WeiterImproved Sound Ltd Engelchen Macht Weiter