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Ya ba is typically produced in a round pill form. There are many different versions of ya ba, and the most common are red, orange, or lime green in color and carry logos such as "R" or "WY". They are small and round, roughly 6 millimetres ( in) in diameter (similar size to Smint but round), which means they can be packed inside a plastic soda straw for easy transportation or in a reusable "mint" container. [ citation needed ]

The Last of the Coehicans? This Swift Freightliner Argosy¬† is the spiritual heir to the Thrifty Astro as it’s highly probable when I took this shot it was assigned to the account delivering to Rite Aid stores, the successor to Thrifty-Payless. When Freightliner discontinued the Argosy in 2006 is was the end of the line for the COE Semi-Tractor in the US.

Madness The Rise And FallMadness The Rise And FallMadness The Rise And FallMadness The Rise And Fall