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Remain in Light may have been a commercial disappointment, but musically, the band's 1980 album — which combines funk, disco and African rhythms — was years ahead of its time. "It got great critical acclaim, and we felt that it kind of took popular music to the next phase," says Frantz, "which is what we always wanted to do."

Despite David Byrne's vocal restraint and certain puritanical tendencies in his lyrics to value work over pleasure ("Artists Only," "Don't Worry about the Government"), Talking Heads never stopped learning from the sensuous music that existed in a world parallel to theirs. On 1979's Fear of Music, they made a defiant connection with funk and disco in "I Zimbra" and "Life during Wartime," both of which aid in preparing us for Remain in Light' s startling avant-primitivism.

I....who took the money? Who took the money away? And I....It's always showtime, here at the edge of the stage. And I, I, I...wake up and wonder...what was the place...what was the name? We wanna wait but here we go, again...

Talkingheads Remain In LightTalkingheads Remain In LightTalkingheads Remain In LightTalkingheads Remain In Light