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Lp1 contains -‘Hyper Music 2’, a previously unreleased recording from 1980 in style of Metal Acoustic Music.
Lp2 contains ‘Metal Acoustic Music’ originally released as C-90 cassette in very limited edition in 1981/82.
While Side A of this recording was featured and released on the 50CD-Merzbox this Lp features the B-Side of the original Tape-Recording previously unreleased in any form besides the original Tape from 1981
Lp3 & Lp4 features the highly sought after Tape ‘Merz Collection 007’ from the 10-Tape-Set Collection 1-10 recorded 1980 and released 1981 as well as the Tape ‘Tridal Production’ from 1981.
Some parts of these recordings appear on the ‘Merzbox’, but ist also the first time that these recordings are releasing in the whole part. These works contain some previous studio- and live sessions & raw-material.
Lp5 & 6 cover ‘Mechanization takes Command1 & 2’ originally released as C-90-Cassette in early 82. As with Lp2 some parts already appear on the ‘Merzbox’, but this is the first time to listen to the complete Set without owing the original Tape-Recording
Lp7 & 8 is committed to the 2 highly sought after Tapes ‘Solonoise 1&2’
While ‘Solonoise 1’ can also be found on the Merzbox ‘Solonoise 2’ is now finally released in its original and complete. The word ‘Solo’ means ‘Solar’ and originates from George Batailes book ‘Anal Sun’.
Lp9 & 10 contain ‘Yahatahachiman’ and ‘Escape Mask’, two recordings from 1983 that Masami Akita and VOD-Labelrunner Frank Maier are extremely proud of. Both recordings represent an almost hidden side of Merzbow and show his flexibility in the variation of Noise. They are a true hidden treasure of Merzbow-Music. ‘Hidden treasure’ because Merzbow never liked them for the past 30 years as it had too much Guitar-Rock-Appeal and is driven by Drum-Rhythm. But exactly this style and its sound-wall of psychedelic atonal guitar-noise in combination with the technoid-sounding drum-machine catches its listener now in the year 2012. It now catches Merzbow, it catches VOD and it will definately also catch you and your mind.

Er staan 172 albums van deze artiest op MusicMeter. Er is in totaal 300 keer op deze albums gestemd, met een gemiddelde van 3,70 sterren.

Merzbow Solonoise 1Merzbow Solonoise 1Merzbow Solonoise 1Merzbow Solonoise 1