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“I bought my 22’6″ Seafox Commander from Top Notch Marine 1 year ago this month. I like to own something for awhile before I write a review, so I really get to know what I purchased. I must say, I have NEVER second guessed my choice of purchasing this boat. The salesman Darryl at Top Notch in Ft. Pierce is who I worked with predominantly throughout my boat shopping experience. I explained to Darryl the key points to what I was looking for, and he spent tons of time with me talking about different makes/styles/price ranges/everything. He helped me choose the boat that not only had everything I thought I wanted, but those extras that he knew I needed but just didn’t realize it yet. For my family, the most important criteria for my boat was that it was family friendly and great for cruising and sandbar fun, but my husbands first priority was fishing. Typically these are 2 boats with 2 completely different setups. But Darryl explained that my 22’6″ Seafox not only was perfect for the family but also for fishing. There is plenty of seating in the front, middle, and back, cushions for every seat for comfort, and really high sides all around the boat. I have a old so high sides and confidence in my boat was extremely important. There are cushions all along the sides as well, which make for very comfortable leaning areas, or great head protectors when my toddler loses her balance! This boat has storage galore! I can bring anything and everything I want to, and I won’t hear a single complaint from the hubby because there is room for everything! The bucket cutout in the front floor is one of my favorites, as that has been the perfect trash can, or secondary holding area for bait if we need it. For fishing purposes, this boat is fantastic as well. Yes there is seating everywhere, but there is plenty of walk-around space around the entire boat. We find ourselves on the back and sides when fishing, and when we take off the captains seat top, it feels like the boat is 3 feet longer in the back, not to mention more rod holder space. A boating friend of ours was quite the skeptic coming from a venture and bluewater boat, but we sure have changed his mind over several fishing trips. His favorite part is the very wide gunnels. I don’t think I’ve seen him sit on a seat yet- he loves sitting on the gunnels and on our boat you can all the way around. The live well is Huge! 40 gallons- great for bait, lobsters, scallops, shrimp, we have done a lot with that live well. We have recently been using the boat for scuba diving. Our last trip we were quite the site- 5 divers, 8 tanks, a kayak with a self made hooka system with 2 tubes attached to 2 tanks. And we could all 5 still walk around the boat as needed. I would never have thought I could find a cruising and fishing AND diving boat. One of the things that my sales guy Darryl knew I needed but I didn’t realize it- TRIM TABS. I will never have another boat without them. We made a cross to the Bahamas with approx 20 other boats on a choppy day. We were the smallest boat of the group at 22’6″, but we kept up with the group and stayed in the middle, during a 3ft solid windchop day, thanks to perfecting our trim tab use. The fuel efficiency for the cross was unbelievable. Using a 150hp 4- stroke we burned 40 gallons on an 82 mile cross, completely loaded down. Our 25′ Bluewater counterpart with a 300hp burned 65 gallons. On regular weekends out cruising or fishing, gas really isn’t a factor. Man I love this boat. To this day we go to cross some big wakes and my whole body tightens as I prepare for the slam, and then we go so nicely threw it as if it wasn’t even there. I look at my hubby and we both smile because we are both thinking ” I love this boat”. There are some tiny little tweeks we have made to make this boat perfect for us, but we would have done them regardless of what boat we chose. We added hydraulic pistons for the storage bins, which would have been needed on the other 2 boats we were seriously considering. My husband thinks our boat could use a larger fish box in the back, but as we talked about it, we haven’t caught a fish larger than that box yet so I guess we are okay! Ha! There are 2 boxes in the back under the benches, so if it ever were a problem, we could just make them 1 large box. We have been on our boat now for 1 year, and we haven’t hade a single problem. Not even a complaint. Our last boat was used and we had an issue every 3-4 months. For the price and the size, this boat is awesome and perfect and I love it. We did tons of research and asked a gazillion questions, but I have never regretted my choice even for a moment, and I have to thank Darryl in Ft. Pierce largely for that. Thanks to Top Notch and Thanks to Seafox! The Griffing Family”

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Runabouts Charleston Twist Rolling WheelsRunabouts Charleston Twist Rolling WheelsRunabouts Charleston Twist Rolling WheelsRunabouts Charleston Twist Rolling Wheels