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Alder’s career began in 1963 as a member of a  rhythm and blues  band from  Colchester  called Dane Stephens and the Deep Beats. After a year, the band evolved into  The Fairies  – Dane Stephens (vocals/blues harp), John ‘Akky’ Acutt (lead guitar), Mick Weaver (rhythm guitar/fiddle – NOT the same-named organ player also known as Wynder K Frog), John Frederick Gandy (bass) and John Alder (drums). In 1964 The Fairies recorded the single “ Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright ” for the  Decca Records  label. The Fairies were sometimes sent gifts and Alder, having long curly hair, regularly received bottles of  Twink brand home perm lotion . It was at this time that he adopted ‘Twink’ as his stage name.

Now Twink is back and re-energized. He just released the fabulous You Reached for the Stars album which picks up where he left off with the Pink Fairies and now he's about to start working on a sequel to the massive Think Pink . Editor John Gentile spoke to Twink about the new album, asking John Lennon to write him a song and… well… THE PINK FAIRIES MAN, THE. PINK. FAIRIES.

Twink And The Fairies Do It 77Twink And The Fairies Do It 77Twink And The Fairies Do It 77Twink And The Fairies Do It 77