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Johnny Weissmuller is even now considered the best Tarzan ever. He had a perfect body and best of all he was
not affected before the camera. I have seen Johnny as Tarzan in' Tarzans Hidden jungle and Tarzan and the she devil in re-runs and CDs. There is no doubt that Johnny was a natural Tarzan.
Around this period Tarzan also appeared in comic form and Dell, DC and others took to publishing Tarzan comics, that were immensely popular. The end of the Second World War some diminishing of interest in Tarzan as the people weary after a war were looking for something else. Burroughs died in 1952, but within a decade of his death Tarzan again burst on the scene and a spate of films and comics as well as TV shows hit the public. Tarzan was again in fashion. Holly wood also produced some excellent movies. The best being ' Tarzan of the Apes' starring Bo Derek as Jane and Miles O'Keefe as Tarzan. What a body he had, simply stupendous!
Lastly there was also a fim made 'Tarzan goes to India ' with Jack malony as Tarzan (1962) 

Marketts Tarzan Tarzans MarchMarketts Tarzan Tarzans MarchMarketts Tarzan Tarzans MarchMarketts Tarzan Tarzans March