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Feeling in control of your time is a key element of happiness. In the thoughtful, practical, and often funny 18 MINUTES, Peter Bregman explains how to make sure we have plenty of time to do the things that matter most to us — so that our lives reflect our true values and priorities.

No one can stay on-task 100% of the time, but being constantly distracted can pose a serious obstacle to getting things done. Distractions eat away at your time and cause unnecessary stress. However, if you’re mindful of how you organize your time and work environment and prepare yourself to accomplish what needs doing, you can significantly limit your distractions. Learn about the habits and strategies you can develop to minimize your distractions at work, enhance your focus on the task at hand, and improve your overall ability to concentrate.

Self-Control is a little more hard core than Freedom in that once you start it, you can’t stop it [insert ominous music]. Well, you can, but you'd have to reboot your computer, which is a pain. But that’s the point: it makes it as hard as possible to access the sites that take up your time when you really should be working.

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If you find yourself experiencing strong positive or negative emotions, notice them , and try to acknowledge the specific effects they're having on your physical and mental state. Before you decide to react on the road, you should:

Many of the emails in our inboxes are not particularly important. However, we often feel the need to look at them as soon as they arrive. So, here are five ways to manage those messages so that they don't take you away from important tasks.

“Humor is not only entertaining but also replenishing. Individuals engaging in activities that require persistence may benefit from exposure to humor,” they concluded.

8. Lists. Working from lengthy lists, whether To-Dos, a book of voice mail messages, or an email inbox, causes you to look at the same items again and again. You have to make decisions every time you scan through the items. Your mind keeps jumping around and planning ahead instead of focusing on one item in front of you. Write down tasks on single sheets of paper so that you can easily prioritize your work.

The Distractions Time Goes By So SlowThe Distractions Time Goes By So SlowThe Distractions Time Goes By So SlowThe Distractions Time Goes By So Slow