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O'Sullivan's phrase provided a label for sentiments that had become particularly popular during the 1840s, but the ideas themselves were not new. O'Sullivan himself had earlier expressed some of these ideas, notably in an 1839 essay titled "The Great Nation of Futurity." [6]

President Trump signs an executive order in the Oval Office on Jan. 30, 2017.   (Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais, AP)

Indications are that secret political money will only continue to rise until the rules are changed. At this point in July in the 2012 election cycle, dark money was already at an all-time high compared to the same point at any prior cycle—at about $11 million it was a three-fold increase over the 2008 presidential election. 13 Already so far in the 2014 election cycle more than $ million has been spent by organizations that do not identify the sources of their funds. This is three times the amount of dark money spent at this point in the 2012 presidential election and a shocking fifteen times more than was spent in dark money at this point in the last midterm elections in 2010. 14

If the ne plus ultra of politics is now to satisfy the angry, squirmy feelings of the largest number of people on every subject and if everything is now political, then tangible achievements will matter less and less in every pursuit.   

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