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The second is when I need an adrenaline hit, or to burn off some steam. In those situations, I find Counter-Strike: Global Offensive deathmatch servers fit the bill perfectly. They fill the void that - years and years ago - public Quake 3 deathmatch servers used to fill, and there's something comforting going back to a game you've spent over a decade refining and resharpening your skills at.

A distracted teenage driver in Norfolk hits a stumbling Navy lieutenant just after someone stabbed him in the back; Gibbs and company investigate. Tony and McGee find the site of the knifing, at a nearby motel room, where local cops are already present. The wife of the victim say that he had met a prostitute in connection with his work as a Navy newspaper reporter. Abby determines whom he met, but the gang have trouble in finding her, so Gibbs seeks help from Holly Snow, a former madam in Washington, who puts them in touch, then Gibbs and McGee chat with her. Three previous murders in Norfolk fit the same pattern, then another pops up. One lead does not work out, but new action attracts attention, and Gibbs finds the bad guy. Gibbs and Holly share a steak dinner without expectations. Written by DocRushing

Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson has revealed her guilty pleasure as she unveiled her new Fabletics range, the Louise Thompson Edit

Pleazers GuiltyPleazers GuiltyPleazers GuiltyPleazers Guilty