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The multi-million unit sales of ABBA Gold led to the creation of this 20-song compilation, containing the remaining singles from the group plus other notable tracks. None of what's here is as tuneful or compelling as the group's most successful recordings -- though the arrangements and, especially, the vocals are, as always, almost idealized in their crystalline purity -- and most of the tracks won't be familiar to listeners in all countries, since a number were hits in specific limited national markets. At the time, in 1993, the sound was an improvement over the existing CDs on which the tracks appeared, although, like ABBA Gold , this collection is crying for fresh remastering in 24-bit audio.

 · Footage from BBC and KPBS of American and European Eagles. --- They came flying from far away now I'm under their spell I love hearing the stories that ...

ABBA EagleABBA EagleABBA EagleABBA Eagle