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The modern samba that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century is predominantly in a 2/4 time signature varied with the conscious use of a sung chorus to a batucada rhythm, with various stanzas of declaratory verses. Traditionally, the samba is played by strings ( cavaquinho and various types of guitar) and various percussion instruments such as tamborim . Influenced by American orchestras in vogue since the Second World War and the cultural impact of US music post-war, samba began to use trombones , trumpets, choros , flutes , and clarinets . [7]

Another sterling dispatch from Efficient Space – who were behind the excellent Midnight Spares and Sky Girl sets off late – now turning their attention to a slew of obscure OZ Waves drawn from the Aussie ‘80s DIY collection of Steele Bonus, who is also responsible for the label’s artwork and sleeve art for Music From Memory. With most of the original tracks originally issued on tape in editions of between 5 and 100 copies, unless you were there at the time or have the baddest fetish for obscure Aussie music, this set is likely to open an unprecedented window for most wave riders. Weird, dreamy and groovy are keywords for the set: taking in the lilting electro-pop of Lady On The Train by Irena Xero – which Chris & Cosey apparently used to lullaby their son to sleep – at one end, and the breezy dub sway of Squids Can Fly from Zerox Dreamflesh at the other pole, taking in total winners like Andy Rantzen ov Pelican Daughters’ serpentine bubbler Will I Dream; the Vaz-like C86 styles of Don’t Wish It Away by Ironing Music; the Severed Heads-esque budge of He Dark Age’s Holding Out For Eden; even a freakish sort of electro-ramp cut in Jesus Krist Klap Rap by MK Ultra & The Assassins of Light; and prepare yourself to swoon at the Antenna or Ludus-like charms of Take A walk In The Sun from Moral Fibro.

“Dazed, happy, we leave reminded that there are music festivals, and then there's Le Guess Who?” – MOJO Magazine

Elza Soares O Samba Elza SoaresElza Soares O Samba Elza SoaresElza Soares O Samba Elza SoaresElza Soares O Samba Elza Soares