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Evangeline Lilly’s biography

Evangeline Lilly is a famous Canadian actress who became popular for her leading role in the «Lost» TV series. She made success by playing in the first and second parts of «The Hobbit» trilogy film by Peter Jackson and the «Ant-Man and the Wasp» superhero picture by Marvel.
Canadian actress Evangeline LillyCanadian actress Evangeline Lilly

Childhood and youth

Nicole Evangeline Lilly was born on 3 August 1979 in a province of Canada named Alberta, in Fort Saskatchewan. Her father was a lecturer of economics and her mother was a consultant at the beauty salon. The parents were very religious which is the reason why Evangeline and her both younger sisters were raised strictly. There was no television at home and the children visited the cinema less than 3 times a year.
Evangeline Lilly in childhoodEvangeline Lilly in childhood
Despite the restrictions Eva was growing a real tomboy. She fearlessly rafted the canoe alongside boy-friends, conquered steep mountain slopes, participated in cycling races. At the same time, she was a sensitive and sympathetic girl. When she was a teenager she joined a volunteer organization which helped children in difficult state of life. Evangeline taught at a Christian Sunday school and went to the Philippines to help the sick and poor within the framework of a charity mission. The girl lived in a thatched hut right in the middle of the jungle, steadfastly endured the features of the tropical climate and courageously endured the bites of insects swarming around.
Evangeline Lilly’s height is 168 cmEvangeline Lilly’s height is 168 cm
Returning to Canada she thought of entering the faculty of International Relations of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. A job was necessary in order to pay for the education and Evangeline got a job as a waitress though she did not work there for long. The modest girl was confused by the behavior of the visitors who examined her from head to toe and greasily joked.
 Evangeline Lilly in a swimsuitEvangeline Lilly in a swimsuit
She became a flight attendant, considering that passengers aboard the airliner will behave more restrained. But facing the same problem in the sky the girl went to work at the gas station, dressed in a baggy robe. There she met hockey player Murray Hone who then became a good friend of hers, afterwards her husband. It was he who advised the girl to feel free to use external data which she had generously been awarded by nature and contact the modelling agency.

Acting career

Taking his advice, Lilly soon started to appear in commercials and was shot by glossy editions. The contract with Ford Models in 2001 was a real success for the starting model, the agent of which had noticed the effective girl right on the street. Soon Evangeline was offered jobs in cinema and TV.
Evangeline Lilly in an episode from the «Freddy vs. Jason»Evangeline Lilly in an episode from the «Freddy vs. Jason»
In 2003 she played a schoolgirl in an American horror film «Freddy vs.

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